Couple to Couple Counselling

Together with a colleague, Elaine, I offer couple clients the opportunity to be counselled by two experienced couple therapists.  Elaine and I have had different training in becoming counsellors. 

Consequently we bring different approaches into the counselling room.  These approaches complement each other as well as offering clients the benefit of two therapists’ input.  Additionally the experience for the client may be more comfortable as they have someone of their own gender in the room with them. 

Working together helps to create an environment that neither of the clients feel threatened on a gender basis and helps to maintain neutrality.  In addition we bring a wealth of different but valuable experiences into the counselling room.

The initial couple to couple session is 90 minutes with each subsequent session 75 minutes.

The charge per session for Couple to Couple to counselling is £180

Elaine’s details can be found using the link at the end of the website “Looking for a Female Therapist”