Michael Feldman - Counselling North West London - Testimonials

I have been seeing Michael for about ten years. As a therapist he is principled and adheres to the BACPs Ethical Framework. As a practitioner he is amazing and he has helped me deal with and face my traumas from the past.  He has done this by creating a safe space for me, in which  I could safely talk and work though my painful life experiences without fear of being judged.


Most importantly he held a confidential space where I felt safe to explore my deepest fears. As a therapist and as a person I find him very supportive, warm, caring and trustworthy and this is testament to our longstanding therapeutic relationship.


In our work I felt accepted by him as a person in my own right, he was always there in my darkest hours, when I had nowhere else to turn.


I trust him with my innermost feelings and he has been an invaluable support in my life without which I wouldn't be where I am today.  Our work together has enabled me to heal traumas of my past,  to strive and reach my dreams.